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Our 7-Step Method

Each of our seven steps calls for precision hand tooling. We have found this to be the best way to obtain a finish that preserves the wood value while maintaining the natural wood-grain beauty or inlaid design of your piece.

1. Our non-polluting stripper removes old varnishes or paint quickly without leaving the wood open to moisture damage.

2. To complete the stripping process, our precision craftsmen hand inspect every inch to gently remove stubborn areas.

3. Our specially developed lacquer thinner cleans up any remaining stripping residue while preparing the pure-wood surface for coloration.

4. Only hand sanding will smooth out imperfections or blemishes, leaving the wood grain in a natural state.

5. Your choice of stain finish penetrates all surfaces, creating a striking look and showing off the character of the natural wood grain.

6. Multiple coats of our protective clear lacquer sealer are professionally sprayed and then sanded down to prevent cracking and peeling.

7. The final coats of our "high resilient" clear lacquer are professionally sprayed and hand-rubbed to give you furnishings depth and luster.

We also offer a wide variety of solid color lacquers and glazes to achieve the custom look you prefer in a flat, semi-gloss or high gloss finish.

Whether you’re looking to renew valued antiques, pianos, a favorite furnishing, kitchen cabinets or fine wood furniture for your home or office, Atlantic Restoration Co.  will give you the look and image you will be proud to use and display for years to come.

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